Image: Evolution cycle[i] 

The purpose of this post is to provide and evaluate the understanding of evolution. I will look at the relationship between the environment and human beings and other species.

Evolution is the biological change of an organism over time. The evolution of any organism consists primarily of genetic altercations and modifications from one generation to another. The evolution of any species requires vast amounts of biodiversity. For example, a fish that lives in rough waters or colder waters is bound to have stronger or thicker skin passed through generations because their environment requires it. In this case, the fish have ‘mutations’ or altercations in genes, to help them adapt to their environment. The evolution of humans has been influenced tremendously on the environments we are placed in. 

This leads me to my question…

In what ways has the environment affected the evolution of certain species?

Humans evolve every day. In our environment, we are constantly exposed to bacteria. Since there are an infinite amount of bacteria exposed to us as humans, we have been changing at a logarithmic rate. There are bacteria’s in which we are immune to, so the altercation of our physical form has no significant change. Although we may not necessarily notice any drastic changes, humans along with other species evolve over generations to adjust to their environment. The most basic example can directly relate to climate conditions. Most people who have lived closer to the North Pole or colder environments are typically able to withstand lower temperatures to that of a person who lives in the Gulf for example.

Image: Men from UAE experiencing snow  [ii]

Our environment is directly correlated with our evolution. Every life form on earth interacts with other organisms and/or their physical environment eventually. This was a statement made by PBS, which I truly agree with.[iii] The interaction between species is what primarily changes us physically. Everything that every life form has consumed or interacted with has a direct effect on the physical form of any species. Through the evolution of man, there has always been a desire for expansion and survival. This is vital to the evolution of man because it involves the actual consumption and instincts of a human being.[iv]

Image: Picture of Southern African tribe members [v]

A close friend of mine is an anthropology major in a university in Texas, and he was telling me about a indigenous tribe that is located in southern Africa. He said that this tribe is very excluded from the city center, and have no knowledge, experience nor access to any technology or any modern day utility whatsoever. He said that a group of anthropologists went to study this tribe and noticed that these people practically have super hearing and super sight and are physically built for hunting. They have been so excluded from industrialized society that their evolution of their community has led to them all having such unique adaptive traits. The group of anthropologists noticed that they use their super senses to plan out their hunting strategies. If this tribe had access to modern day environments, their adaptive traits that enhance their survival and reproduction would slowly diminish. Apparently our appendix used to be used for consuming meat. Also, researchers say, that the reason why humans get goosebumps is because when cavemen used to be cold, their long hair would sprout and keep them warmer. This just goes to show that humans do adapt to their environments and the


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