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Major: Business

Year in college: Freshmen

Purpose of blog: Higher Education

Topic of Interest: The skeptic side of Global Warming, and the theories that only a few scientists obtain.

Significant environmental issue this year: Hurricane Irene. This environmental disaster took place west of the Atlantic Ocean.

It affected several areas of Eastern United States and other countries near the south east of the USA.

Fig. 1

Place of origin: In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over 60% of the country is desert. In Abu Dhabi, my home, the city-center is only a few kilometers from the desert. This is why when the frequent sand-storms occur, pollution enters the air people breathe.

Fig. 2

All year round there are hot temperatures, but during the winter time, the desert temperatures at night time can reach 0 Celsius. It is difficult for wildlife to survive in such extreme weather conditions, so the implementation of open farms takes place. Camels, oryx and many other animals found in the wild in the Middle East have access to these open farms. These farms further the development and longevity of wildlife in the UAE.

Fig. 3

Place close to where you were born/live with unique environmental significance or environmental problem:

Not many people know, but the UAE has several mangroves. There are unique animals that exist in these mangroves but due to the expansion and industrialization of the UAE, eco systems are slowly being wiped away. Speeding boats cause erosion and the oil that is released from them have a major impact on the life of the mangroves.

 Fig. 4


The connotation of the words environmental science, ecology and environmentalism, all connect but have several differences. An Environmentalist tends to be more involved in the social awareness of the environment. A protesting Environmentalist may have an effect to some extent, but I believe that Environmental Scientists would have a larger impact on a corporation, large industry, or government. Environmental Scientists tend to use more statistical data and factual information to prove a point, thus validating a more solid argument. Ecologists on the other hand study eco-systems and the interaction among them. Thus Ecologists go into more detail of what environmental scientists study. I believe that environmental scientists, ecologists and environmentalists, work in a cycle. For example, an Ecologist may one day discover that an organism or species is becoming extinct. An Environmental Scientist may then discover that the cause of this depletion is because of a factory that pollutes the water upstream. An Environmentalist would then attempt to make the whole world aware of this tragic soon-to-be extinction. I would like to be labeled as an Environmentalist, but I prefer being an Environmental Scientist. This is because I am a more logical person, and I prefer fact over prediction. If I were an environmental scientist I would not look at common trends like typical global warming idealists; but as a skeptic. I believe that everything has a reason, and there cannot be just one answer to every environmental issue. Therefore I would like to consider myself and Environmental Scientist.


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 Environmental Scientist:    

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